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Cash Register solutions by MetaPos are easier, simple, accurate and more cost-effective than traditional cash register solution. Our world-class products can facilitate your transaction better for your business

Point of Sales

Insert customer order with the most easiest step and simple display. Here you can manage customer's multiple orders, refund, cash in and cash out, with support of offline transaction

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Increase your sales with promotions! METAPOS give you two kinds of promos: Percentage discount and nominal discount.

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Payment Method

Give convenience to your customers because METAPOS accept all kinds of payment, such as e-money, credit/debit.

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Dashboard & Report

METAPOS gives you user friendly dashboard and reports. Dashboard that allows you to monitor you store branch anywhere anytime. METAPOS provide you real time data that can help you make decisions, and also provide you with reports about your sales and costs.

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Inventory Management

Knowing your current stocks, notify when your stocks reach minimum level, doing stock opname all can do in this feature. This feature can also record your ordering process to supplier by adding Purchase Order (PO)

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Customer Management

Treat your customer better by knowing their profile. Save your customer information when making transactions for loyalty programs in the future.

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Increase your customer engagement and spoil them with loyalty program, here are some steps: 1. Manage your store's loyalty program 2. Customer collect point reward 3. Customer can redeem the rewards point

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Product Management

Manage your products, with variant or not you can custom it by your own.

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Waiter Apps

Apps for your waitress to record customer's order directly in the apps, connected with ordering system in cashier and kitchen

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Customer Apps

Easier your customer when ordering goods on your events. Customer can order goods from multiple tenants by scan QR Code

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